Daughter of Fire, Dedicated to Aphrodite (daharja) wrote in ymoyl,
Daughter of Fire, Dedicated to Aphrodite

Working through YMOYL

My husband and I are working through the book, and we're finding it incredibly useful.

Its a slow process, but the main thing about the book is that it's showing us what we want to head towards. We've found the tracking useful, and now we're starting to work together to understand what is important to each other in termsof what we each consider to be good value for our dollars.

I think we're probably looking at six months (at least!) before we've really got the full benefit of the book ingrained into habit, but we're getting there. We're also staring to get our wall charts up. I'm not sure we're ready for public display yet, but give us a few months and we might be!

How are other people finding the book?

Perhaps one of the most useful things is the whole 'gazingus pin' thing. Now, when I get the urge to buy something useless, I just think "Is this a gazingus pin?", and then laugh, because the answer is almost always YES! It enables me not to feel angry about the waste I had in the past when it came to money, but the humour of the situation, and so it's not so depressing. Because I have wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars in my career. I'm sure of it. And I'm only 35. But on the bright side, at least I discovered this book now, and not when I'm 45!

Anyway, let's et this community moving, and start talking about this AMAZING book!!!
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