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Hey folks,

I was just wondering, how do you all keep track of spending? I've been using paper, but I'm attempting to switch to Excel. I don't like Quicken, we've tried that for years and it always loses data and manages to crash our computer.
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I use Excel. Currently, days are rows and categories are columns; the cells in the grid are just numbers in currency format. This setup makes it easy to tabulate spending by type, but it doesn't help breaking down specific purchases at tax time, so I am considering making it more complex.
I have something similar going now. I created it after I made my post, and it already seems a ton better than using paper. When you do decide to create something more complicated, I'd love to see it. I'm thinking it would be neat to put up sample Excel templates that people have used (without our values, of course).
I hate Quicken too. I never really used it for much more than keeping track of my bank balance, and I can just as easily do that on paper. I've been bad with money for as long as I can remember, and I'm still reading YMOYL, but I fully intend to try doing it just on paper at first.
Hey I'm new to the group and have been practicing the YMOYL program for about 18 months. I agree with the authors that a computer program isn't necessary and have sticked with pen and paper and a slot in my filing cabinet. I know we're all computer savvy, and we want to do everything with our computers so you are at liberty to disagree. Still, when I spend money, I bring a little notebook with me, not a computer. Remember this is about simplicity and pen and paper is simple.