la déesse (la_deesse) wrote in ymoyl,
la déesse

new member!

heya! i was looking around tonight for frugality-related communities, not really believing that anyone would have started a community about the ymoyl book. lo and behold, here you are -- and if this hadn't been here, i'd have probably begun a ymoyl community myself!

i guess i might as well show my butt on my very first post, however, and warn you that i took the authors of the book to be environmentalists, and that i sympathize with much of the environmentalist movement. (note i said "much," not "all.") including parts of it which don't exactly advocate leaving the fate of the planet up to the free market. which could be problematic, seeing as how there are at least three members here who don't like that sort of outlook.

i don't plan on talking about the environment a whole heck of a lot here, if at all, but just the same i'm hoping that a wide variety of perspectives are welcome here. if not, i might as well know now so i can go somewhere more accomodating and so that y'all aren't bothered overly much.

other than that, thanks to the moderator for starting this thing! :o)
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